Check out the first three articles of the series – Announcing the all new Search Rank Score (SRS), Looking under the Hood at the Search Rank Score (SRS), and Gamifying Search Results.

We consider to be a product company, always developing new features and products to help our customers win with voice. Our platform is the clear leader for CX, EX, and Reputation Management. We have hundreds of analysts, designers, product specialists and software engineers. And we LOVE AI. To understand us, you’d need to understand our promise and how we execute on that promise.

At, we help customers “Find and Refer the Best Professionals”. We use customer and employee voice to power business. In other words we turn customer and employee voices into measurable GROWTH.

We use AI and advanced personalization technology to: 

  1. Help our customers create timely, personalized campaigns to collect, analyze, drive behavior, and power business (Customer Experience), 
  2. Create active employee listening and communication programs to connect to every meaningful moment to recruit, train, engage, reward, and empower their employees (Employee Experience), and
  3. Activate our Search Rank Score, customer reviews, replies, listings management, and other search features to climb to the top of search results (Reputation Management).

Growth, Growth, and More Growth

To keep our promise, our team is constantly building new products and features to align with our customer’s priorities. And we take our promise to help our customers GROW seriously. For that reason, we are adding a series of features to help professionals use voice as a business system. Check out what’s coming in the next few quarters;

Promote Your Partners Want a great way to attract new partners? Promote them on your page and get them to promote you back.

Get More Referrals Our referral and leads center allows you give and get referrals and track your leads. Upload a list or make requests one at a time and our referral center will send the request along with a great profile view with the professionals last 5,  5 Star reviews from all platforms.

The Search Rank Game Like your favorite, addictive online game, our Search Rank Game pops up and gives you every priority update required in order of their importance to the professional’s score. Pros using the game can clear this inbox in minutes and watch their points go up and jump the competition in real time.

Enhanced Professional Listings This feature is not only beautiful, it is the most comprehensive listing tool to power professional growth. Easily update, publish, track, analyze, post, and even interact with Google Q&A. 

Top Performer BenefitsThis new suite of gamified features really benefits top performers. Professionals that are in the top 5% in any vertical for their area, enjoy higher search position, top 5% banner, gold stars instead of blue, a larger icon on map search, as well as free access to exclusive events, awards, and swag. Let the competition begin.

It’s Time to Win!

You’ve made it to the end of our series on Search Rank Score. It’s time to activate our Search Rank Score for your professionals. If you have 5 or 100,000 professionals that you are helping, this is the most automated, AI enabled, scalable platform anywhere.

Look no further for YOUR ultimate growth engine. Learn more about’s AI – Powered Reputation Platform here.

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