Now that you have read Search Rank Score and Looking under the Hood, it is now time to get out of the details of the search rank score and show you how you can use it to grow your business by 20% or more. 

What Credit Karma did for credit scoring, we have done for online search rank – streamlining the complexities of search results. The good news is that using to grow your business is way easier and takes far less time than improving your credit. and AI

So, how are we doing all of this? The answer is, AI. In the platform there is AI everywhere. 

  • We validate and enrich profiles with AI. 
  • We assess your website with AI. 
  • We use AI to reply to reviews. 
  • AI Powers our predictive analytics. 
  • AI monitors our feeds for Spam, Language, and PII. 
  • AI in partnership with our Search Rank Algorithm will power all of our search results

Gamifying Your Search Rank Outcomes

Generating Online Reviews – With literally hundreds of automated connections, integrates effortlessly through configurable APIs, SFTP, and Workflow Automation. This ensures seamless connectivity to any data feed, facilitating the delivery of apt messages to the intended recipient at just the right moment. A significant number of our professionals boast over a 50% response rate, thanks to our tailor-made campaigns.

Automated Responses with AI – We pride ourselves on our reply to reviews automation, that is leagues ahead of the competition. We provide four distinct ways to respond:

  • Manually reply.
  • Use a pre-approved response.
  • Employ our AI Suggest Mode.
  • Allow AI to send the ideal response automatically.

Showcasing Professional Business Listings – The foundation of a robust SEO strategy lies in consistent online citations. This consistency across your online details, including location, name, operational hours, website, and product listings, assures search engines of your legitimate business presence. streamlines this process, automating listings across hundreds of sites, maps, and voice apps.

Elevate Your Presence on – Professionals often receive reviews across platforms like Google and Facebook. However, your profile stands as the central hub, consolidating and managing all your profile data, reviews, and responses. This consolidated profile amplifies your online visibility, driving trust and business straight to your phone, website, and inbox.

AI-Driven Review Monitoring – Online platforms are rife with diverse comments from customers, competitors, and even spammers. At, we’re acutely aware of this challenge. Our AI-driven system diligently monitors feedback, filtering out spam, offensive language, and redacting any personally identifiable information (PII).

Track Your Online Rank – Our search rank leaderboards are crafted to make your interaction with the platform an engaging experience. Professionals frequently scout their online presence. With a keen understanding of their local competitors, they’re inherently competitive. leverages our Search Rank Score, benchmarking every professional against their local adversaries. We enlighten them about their score and rank, and then offer insights into competitor scores, providing tools to surpass their competition.

Socially Share Your ReviewsSeeking more referrals? Ask your happy clients to vouch for you. We auto-share 5-star reviews across platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, maximizing your professional visibility.

AI-Powered Website SEO Evaluation – A professional’s website stands as their most paramount online citation. At, we view your website as a priority. It’s imperative that it mirrors the precise profile data found on other platforms.

Result Analysis via AI – With a vast clientele that includes thousands of professionals, our advanced analytics tools craft intuitive dashboards, leaderboards, and detailed reports. This aids in informed business decision-making and catalyzes business enhancement across the board.

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Are You Ready to Win Online?

With more than 50,000 professionals currently using our automation, we have a lot of data. In fact, we ask customers in our banking and mortgage segments how they found their loan officer.

Here are the numbers: 12% to 18% customers report that they got the information from online search and review traffic. 6% to 30% report that they read online reviews and local professional information after a friend referred them. 
The same results can be seen across most of our vertical implementations.

This means that professionals with bad, or no online presence are losing business without even knowing. What’s worse is that potential customers are finding your competitors while they are searching for you professionals. This ends with the Search Rank Score.  Not only do we give professionals, and the brands they work for, visibility into their score and the factors that need to be improved, we also give them the tools to improve it. 

With millions of profiles and AI everywhere you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to driving great brands and business outcomes. 

What’s Next?


That’s right, because we have embraced AI throughout our platform we are able to turn the voice of your customers into a brand asset, new business, more referrals, partner promotion, and more. 

To see all the great new features that are coming in the next weeks and months, check out The Ultimate Growth Engine.

At, we want to elevate your business, showcase your partners, amplify your best reviews, and streamline referrals. Get to know’s Search now.

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