What is the Experience.com Search Rank Score (SRS)? Why should it matter to you? How do you use it to improve your brand and GROW your business? In this short 4-part series, we will teach you a little about search and a lot about how to win on search.

In this digital era, if you want your professionals to compete in the local market, Search Rank Score is your gateway to success. The Search Rank Score is an intuitive tool designed to empower marketers to confidently and effortlessly navigate the intricate landscape of online search rankings for their professionals and their brand.

Unveiling the Experience.com Search Rank Score

Think of the Experience.com Search Rank Score as your “Credit Karma” for online visibility. It’s an intelligent 850-point algorithm that assesses various factors impacting your online presence. 

Similar to how the Credit Karma simplifies credit scores, we’ve streamlined the complex world of search ranking for you with our Search Rank Score. This score encompasses numerous elements that influence your online visibility, providing you with a clear understanding of your performance.

Unveiling the Game-Changer

Before we delve into the intricate components that constitute the Experience.com Search Rank Score, let’s explore why this score matters so much. At Experience.com, we’re not just introducing a tool; we’re transforming the way professionals harness the power of online search. With tens of thousands of professionals currently immersed in testing our Search Rank Score, the feedback speaks volumes:

“This thing is addicting. I log in every day to see if I can improve my ranking.” – Bill S

“We appreciate the wonderful upgrades that your team has enacted across the past year.” Nora B

“We need to get all of our loan officers on this platform as fast as possible. Experience.com has just completely changed the game.” – Rick A

The Experience.com Search Rank Score is not just a number; it’s a game-changer that empowers you and your professionals to take control of online visibility and brand reputation. Here’s how it can grow the brand and the business of each professional and the company;

  • Score Your Searchability: Transform your search ranking into a tangible score, enabling you to gauge your online presence with precision.
  • Benchmark Against Local Competition: Get a clear picture of where you stand in relation to your local competitors, helping you identify areas for improvement.
  • Empower with Tools for Success: Equip yourself with the necessary tools to enhance your ranking and rise above the competition in online search results.
  • Forge Local Partnerships: Leverage the Search Rank Score to establish and strengthen local partnerships, expanding your reach and influence.
  • Request and Provide Referrals: Seamlessly exchange referrals with partners, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and driving growth.
  • Master Review Management: Efficiently collect and respond to reviews across multiple platforms, building trust and credibility among your audience.

As this four-part series unfolds, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Experience.com Search Rank Score is poised to revolutionize your company and elevate your professionals’ success.

Exploring the Core Components of the Experience.com Search Rank Score

Let’s delve into the essential components of the Search Rank Score:

  • NAP Data: Consider the NAP data your digital identity—your business name, address, and phone number. Although seemingly simple, this data can make a large impact on our ranking.
  • Additional Profile Data: Your additional profile data acts as your online CV, which includes crucial information for search engines as well as potential customers.
  • Online Listings: Online listings are the signposts for your company, guiding users to your business across the digital landscape.

  • Recent Reviews: Reviews serve as virtual endorsements from your clients, enhancing your online presence and maintaining a positive impression.
  • Replies to Reviews: Engaging with reviews demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction, boosting your credibility, and creating social proof.

  • Individual Website (Primary Citation): Your website is your online headquarters, the central location for showcasing your brand, expertise, and offerings, where potential customers and partners come to learn about you.
  • Managed Connections (To sites like Google and Facebook): These links establish connections with major platforms, amplifying your visibility and extending your reach to a broader audience.

Understanding the Pillars of Search Rank

The Keys to Your Success: Proximity, Prominence, and Relevance

A. Proximity: Imagine being a Realtor, a Lawyer, a Loan Officer, an Insurance Agent or any other professional, aiming to attract local clients. Proximity measures how close your business is to where people are searching. If you’re nearby, you get a higher score. It’s like choosing a nearby café instead of one far away.

B. Prominence: This mirrors your online reputation. Positive reviews, social media presence, and media coverage elevate your online fame. It’s like being the most recognized professional in your field.

C. Relevance: This evaluates if your business aligns with what people are seeking. It’s like fitting the right piece into a puzzle. Search engines analyze your website’s content to determine if it matches user queries. When it does, your relevance score rises.

Why Does This Matter to Marketers?

Did you know that over 40,000 Google searches are conducted every second? 

That’s more than 3.5 billion searches daily! About 53% of website traffic comes from organic search, making it a potent source for driving visitors to your site. The #1 result on Google garners approximately 32% of all clicks, underscoring the significance of high rankings.

Understanding how online search ranking operates is akin to solving a strategic puzzle. As search rules evolve, a strong rank is crucial for appearing in searches and maps. Experience.com empowers you to monitor professionals’ performance and equips you with tools to help them ascend the ranks within their industry.

Leveraging the Search Rank Score

Experience.com’s Experience Management Platform offers an array of tools, including search calculators, leaderboards, listings distribution, review management, AI auto-replies, referral centers, partner promotion, and search boosts. These tools enable marketers to monitor and enhance visibility, enabling professionals to climb to the top of relevant search results.

The Scope of This Release

In the upcoming 12 months, we’re introducing the Experience.com platform to 20,000,000 professionals and companies across the United States. 

From doctors and lawyers to financial planners, real estate agents, loan officers, insurance agents, and professionals across all sectors, we’re reshaping the landscape of online search. Our platform’s reach will soon extend to professionals in every industry worldwide.

How Can YOU Engage?

As a part of our exclusive release launch, you’re among the pioneers to access our platform. 300 mortgage, banking, real estate, and insurance companies are already harnessing the power of the Experience.com Search Rank Score. 

Experience the rest of this series at your own pace. Delve deeper into how the SRS works in the next article of the series, Looking under the Hood at the Experience.com Search Rank Score, discover how we gamify the process of winning on search in Gamifying Search Results and most importantly understand SRS as YOUR Ultimate Growth Engine.

You have a head start on search rank. Power your brands, locations and your people with Experience.com’s Search Rank Score, understand the unique impact firsthand.

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