… so that was said and reflected by many (thank you Coleen and all!).
We definitely created some WOW together at our very “unconference”. Everybody who attended rolled up their sleeves, stretched their minds, widened their ears and got a little weird. THANK YOU for all who contributed to our #CreateWOWSummit!
For those of you who missed it, or for those who’d like a refresher, we’ve got highlights to share in this article. Please dive in as deep as you’d like and let us know if you have questions or would like to give us comments/suggestions (connecting opportunities provided below). Thanks so much!

Office Party
Nothing like getting personal to warm up WOW before the main event. Wednesday night’s party at the SocialSurvey office was just right the amount of imbibing needed to loosen up and stir the buzz of what was to come. Our Customer Success team’s WOW Bar certainly served up the experience while connecting at our Partners Wall.

Got funny stories, comments, or questions for our team? Please share.

Rewire Kickoff Breakfast
Come early Thursday and we didn’t waste any time stretching our minds for WOW. Steve Scanlon surprised attendees with a guided meditation to help get our minds readied and elastic. His brain dump was worth every cellular moment.

Did you retrain your Lizard Brain? Let us know what you learned or wanna know.

Lobby Lifting
As attendees levitated to the opening talks in the main auditorium, their spirits were lifted higher with high-fives from energized SocialSurvey employees leading the way. The entire lobby experience was further supported by all sorts of ways to engage: podcasts (Lykken on Lending and Mortgage Marketing Expert), video content (Wide-Eyed Productions, VIP AV, Renee Rovai & Greg Johnston from MasonMac, Michael DooleyMortgage Media), social wall, DJ booth (DJ Warren Wong), coffee shop and lounge to name a few. Not to mention the remarkable lobby and entire conference facility at Roundhouse—total WOW!
Lykken Podcast

Did you find some WOW in the Lobby experience? Please share your interactions or thoughts for more WOW next year.

4-11 Talks
We all get juiced up from a good TED Talk. So hearing first hand from four industry legends like Barry Habib, S.A. Ibrahim, Teresa Bazemore, and Scott Davido for 11 minutes each brought some mighty memorable moments, like:

  • Being the first show to bring booze to Broadway Show seats (Barry)
  • A billion ways to increase revenue (S.A.)
  • People are always looking at the leader (Teresa)
  • Don’t be an asshole! (Scott)

How’d the 4-11 Sessions dial in for you? Call in some highlights for us.

Future Buyer
Nothing like a light chat around the campfire discussing burning questions like the future of loan officers, Amazon’s domination and an imminent recession. Good thing we had s’mores to pass around and some seriously smart savants to help guide us outta the proverbial woods. The Future Buyer session was led by Barry Habib and industry heavyweights Rick Arvielo, Jon Gwin, Eddy Perez, and Rick Sharga. Needless to say, there was some serious WOW on fire!

What was your favorite part of the Future Buyer session? Any questions to stoke the fire?

Special thanks again to Lenders One who sponsored for this very hot conversation.  

Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey)’s SocialWorks Platform and Product Roadmap
About half of WOW was filled driving SocialSurvey from the present to the very progressive future. Attendees took control of the wheel and helped steer us to solutions they want now and very soon. It was an exhausting race through ideation and debate with everybody turning out as winners.
Speaking of winners, there was one race worth announcing where we had attendees vote on the next product SocialSurvey should build: SocialMarketing or SocialListings. The latter won by a mile.
To learn more about the competition and our product roadmap, check out this Special Edition WOW Newsletter article called “You want it, you got it”.
Special thanks to our guest star drivers Rick Arvielo, Jason Frazier and Corey Trujillo.

How did the great product races go for you? What outcomes did you map out and hope to see next?

We’re building a culture at WOW, which we’ll get more into later. Part of that effort is to make sure we “Do the Right Thing” and “Build Amazing Relationships”—two of SocialSurvey’s core values. So, having MBA’s heroine Marcia Davies lead her mPower panel of dynamic women during our Thursday luncheon was in super WOW alignment. Just listen to her and panelists Patty Arvielo, Kate DeKay, and Teresa Bazemore, interviewed by Mortgage Media’s S.A. Ibrahim, in an intimate and captivating video post session.

What moved you at the mPower luncheon? Any moments to memorialize?

Marketing (Fast) Track

A great deal of the “unconference” buzz at WOW swirled around the Marketing sessions, which did not disappoint. Each session was its own hive, bustling with busy bees creating content, sprinting through brainstorms or getting completely Blitz’d out. Here are a few highlights:

Content Infinity Session
Attendees learned how to make 30 pieces of content from a single Pillar piece. For more on the Content Infinity session, check out this Special Edition WOW Newsletter article called “Make Your Reviews a WOW”.
Special thanks to marketing masters Emma Monro, Dave Savage, David Lykken, Jason Frazier, and Jake Fehling.

How was the Pillar chopping at Content Infinity? Any breakthroughs to share?

Blitzmetrics & FaceBook Sessions

The Blitzmetrics team put on a clinic with SocialSurvey’s Certified Facebook guru, Emma Monro.

Special thanks to marketing masters Dennis Yu, Logan Young and Emma Monro.

In what ways did your mind get Blitz’d in this session? Any nuggets or questions to share?

MarTech 6×6 Sprints

Athletic/Marketing Director Clay Cahoon led a team of coaches and attendees through marketing brainstorm sprints, covering six critical marketing topics over two sessions.
Special thanks to Marketing Coaches Julian Hebron, Tyler Morton (Building Your Marketing Funnel); Daniel Jacobs, Chris Sorensen, Craig Pollack (Vetting Your Marketing Stack); Jason Frazier, Christy Hoskins (Developing Personas and Profiling on Linkedin); Kristin Messerli, Walmer Medina (Reaching Millennials/Multicultural Consumers); Blake Boyer, Kelly Resendez (How to Influence Your Teams to Become Marketing Masters); Matt White and Jessica Gonzales (Google Managed Account).

Did you go the distance? What did you learn along the way during your MarTech Sprints? Any remaining questions left at the finish line?

LuWOW (Luau Party)
The name says it all—this celebration moved and swayed from the docks of the Roundhouse lake along the water as the California sun set in the West. Bursts of WOW decorated the evening with Blue LuWOW cocktails, a prop-popping photobooth, fire dancing, and a Polynesian hula dancer that helped bleary attendees unwind after a busy day.
CreateWOWSummit Luau LUWOW

How were those blue LuWOW cocktails & dreams? Did you learn to Hula? Any shares or suggestions?

Culture Impact
For the final day leading up to the finale, we reignited the fire shared by all in WOW attendance with an impactful culture session. Shares from David Lykken, S.A. Ibrahim, Kristin Morrah and the SocialSurvey team filled the stage with laughs, love and heartfelt tips for creating a WOW Culture.
For more, check out this Special Edition WOW Newsletter article called “Lift Your Culture with WOW!

Did you ride the elevator up? Any moments worth acknowledging or feelings to add?

The entire SocialSurvey team is beyond grateful for the honor of working with such a roster of dynamos, including our customers, partners, investors and each member of our team.

Post-it Then Post It
After every session we asked attendees to jot down their one WOW takeaway on a Post-it and slap it up on the wall on their way out. Then once they left, they were asked to post it—their takeaway—on social (hence “Post-it Then Post It.”). We collected their physical Post-its and organized them into a WOW installation that evolved over the two very full days of our “unconference”. After they were all up in full glory and the finale was over, our SocialSurvey team had some fun taking them down—in reverse…

What was your favorite Post-It share? Did the exercise stick well in your memory?

For those die-hards that know we’re going to deliver beyond WOW next year, surprise us with your early registration—we’re making it so worth it. And for those on the fence, check out our #CreateWOWSummit Highlight Reel!
We also have more WOW images to tease your brain and fun shots from our LuWOW photo booth!
We can’t wait for next year!
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