During Experience2020, Experience.com’s product team launched our new Experience Management platform. Within this new platform there were new products revealed as well as enhancements to current platform features. Two of the new products announced during the event were Dashboards and Profiles.

Experience.com’s Dashboards

In our new platform, we have created multiple dashboards to bring you powerful insights for all of our products, with a complete overview of your account. Managers can quickly take action on important areas and report metrics back to your team. You can filter your dashboard by a time period or by any tier defined in your hierarchy. This will allow you to see an overview of how a particular region or office in your company is performing. You will find a combined grading from all of your survey campaigns and a total count of completed surveys. You can also see a list of all active campaigns and their metrics. 

The ingestions card shows you data from any ingestion source that you have connected to your account. From here, you can see all transactions that have been ingested, and whether they’ve processed and triggered a survey campaign, you will also find an overview of the leaderboard, which ranks all of your agents and how they’re performing in your survey campaigns. 

Finally, the dashboard has multiple cards for any product you have active in your account. For example, if you are a listings customer, the listings card will show a brief overview of how many locations that have been published. When an agent logs into our platform, they will have a dashboard that has been customized to show their own information, ranking and metrics.

All of our dashboards have been designed for your growth. Our card layouts allow you to quickly find and identify key metrics in your customer experience journeys, and take actions to grow your business. 

Experience.com’s Profiles

Our new search page will allow anyone on the web to search for any professional, location or business category. This makes it easier than ever for potential customers to find your Experience.com profile page. 

Location Profiles

We’ve utilized our card layout design to create a powerful, informative, and clean profile page. These cards can include:

  • Profile card with your review scoring and contact information
  • Agent widget, which shows all of the agents at this location
  • List of reviews with custom filtering
  • Card that shows business hours
  • List of all social links 
  • About section 
  • Widget to show your full hierarchy, so customers can find other locations and agents within your company 
  • Customed disclaimer

Agent Profiles

The agent profile follows the same design pattern as the location profile, but it has the following cards available for agents:

  • Profile card with their review scoring and contact information
  • List of their reviews
  • List of any licenses
  • Business hours
  • All of their social links
  • Card for all of their hobbies, their about me section and your company’s disclaimer.

You can update and manage your public profile pages in several different ways. From our new and powerful hierarchy management page, you can access each location’s profile information column and update any field you want. Once you update your profile information, you can review and confirm before it saves and publishes to your profile. You can also update multiple locations at the same time using our bulk update feature.

You can choose to disable any card you don’t want to show on the published profile. At any point you can choose to unpublish a profile if needed. Our new profiles, claim design, rich information and powerful reviews will help your company win on the web. 

Q&A with our Experience.com Developers

When the Dashboards redesign and Profiles enhancements were announced at this year’s Expereince2020 event, Experience.com’s Director of Boarding, Kristin Morrah, sat down for a Q&A with the platform’s developers: Hina Vinocha – Product Evangelist, Vivek Gannesan – EVP of Development and Andrew Hemans – Sr. UX Designer. 

Kristin: We do really well, for SEO with our current profiles, so why change the profile pages? 

Hina: The current profiles do very well in SEO, but they are limited in what we publish in them.  So, we do great in what we do, but we need to do more. The new profiles look beautiful, but more importantly, we can add more fields for SEO benefits. Everything is widgetize now, so people can use any part of the profiles on their own website.  

Kristin: What are the new elements on this dashboard compared to what we currently have? 

Hina: Number one, we have not one dashboard, we have dashboards. So one dashboard that we focus a lot on is, is the one that we are retaining from the current system, but retaining in the sense that it focuses on transactions and surveys because that is the core of what we do. But each dashboard now focuses on the product that we are targeting. So if you’re not surveying and you’re just using listings, the current dashboard wouldn’t make sense to you at all. So now your landing page would become your listings dashboard page, which focuses on your location, data, your error messages, your publish stats, your availability times. So all of that is basically to make sure that you are looking at the information that means more to you, that gives you insight on the data that matters to you. It’s our effort to make sure that your decisions are more data driven and we give you as much information as we can. 

Kristin: Will the profile pages be mobile responsive? 

Hina: Yes, definitely. Any screen you look at, it’s amazing. 

Kristin: Vivek, can you tell me about the profiles and the tech stack? 

Vivek: So we, we completely kind of rethought the way we should be doing profiles. Everything’s a widget. It’s built so you could extract whatever components or widgets that you want and embed them in your own site. So, effectively you could recreate profiles on your site that will be entirely powered by Experience.com APIs and customer data that’s in Experience.com. 

Dashboards and Profiles were just two products revealed during EXPERIENCE2020. Download our EXPERIENCE2020 booklet to discover all the content from the event.

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