Recent survey reports emphasize the critical need for investing in Employee Experience, as heightened satisfaction and engagement among employees directly correlate with enhanced business productivity.

On that note, is thrilled to announce that Cloud Software investor Battery Ventures has ranked 4th among the top private SaaS companies to work for in 2023, marked by exceptional levels of self-reported employee satisfaction, underscoring its deep-rooted commitment to fostering exceptional employee satisfaction. 

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So, what’s the secret sauce behind’s employee satisfaction? 

It lies with the company’s own Employee Experience Platform, seamlessly integrated into its own operations.

Why do people leave? What makes them stay? How do they feel about your interview process? What do people need in learning and development, based on their role, department, and length of employment? 

And how does do that?

Engage Employees at Every Important Touchpoints

Data + Behavior + Outcomes = Value

Intelligent Workflows to Power Business

Automation, Automation, Automation

Personalized Outbound Campaigns

Reward & Recognition

Engagement Strategies

Employee Feedback Management

Motivate the Right Behavior’s Employee Experience Platform doesn’t stop there. It also encompasses features for campaign automation, recruiting reputation management, robust reporting, seamless integrations with popular tools like Slack and Teams, and customizable dashboards and leaderboards.

By leveraging these innovative tools and features, not only gathers valuable employee feedback but also takes proactive steps to enhance workplace dynamics, culture, and overall satisfaction.

As a result of these concerted efforts, stands out as a beacon of employee-centricity in the SaaS industry, earning accolades for its dedication to fostering a supportive and engaging workplace environment. This recognition not only solidifies its position as a top employer but also underscores the intrinsic link between employee satisfaction, productivity, and organizational success in today’s competitive landscape.

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