In the pursuit of superior customer satisfaction, many organizations recognize the pivotal role that employee behavior plays. When employees go above and beyond to provide exceptional experiences, customers are delighted and businesses thrive.’s Organizational Leaderboards, a prominent feature within our Experience Management Platform (XMP) dashboard, revolutionizes employee engagement by gamifying performance and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By leveraging the competitive leaderboards, companies can drive their employees to deliver outstanding customer experiences and secure a competitive advantage in the market.

Gamifying Employee Performance through Competition:

We’ve introduced an exciting gamified approach to driving employee behavior. Embedded within the XMP dashboard, our real-time leaderboards enable professionals to monitor and compare their scores with their colleagues across the organization.

Our new search site also empowers professionals to engage in key behaviors that help them outrank other pros in their area. 

Read more about our search rank score here.

By transforming the way performance is tracked into a competitive endeavor, the leaderboards inspire employees to reach new heights and strive to outperform themselves and their peers. The element of fun infused within the leaderboard system taps into employees’ innate drive for recognition and success, igniting their passion to create memorable customer interactions.

Leverage Ego using Affirmation to Boost Morale:

Acknowledgment and affirmation have a profound impact on employee morale and motivation.’s platform bakes in constant affirmation with alerts and sharing features. Employees receive real-time feedback, celebrating their achievements and positive customer interactions. This continuous affirmation serves as a powerful morale booster, instilling a sense of pride and ownership in their work. 

The knowledge that their efforts are acknowledged and shared internally, as well as the voice of the customer shared everywhere, empowers employees to consistently provide exceptional customer service, reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

Drive Accountability to Improve Performance:

Accountability is a crucial driver of employee performance. We’ve enhanced accountability by providing comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and rewards based on user performance. With real-time experience feedback, employees understand the direct correlation between their actions and their performance evaluations. 

Supervisors and managers having access to detailed, real-time data regarding their customer interactions which fosters a sense of responsibility and ownership in employees. A constant dashboard at login provides transparency top-down and empowers the next best action at the professionals level. This heightened accountability compels employees to continuously improve their skills, address any weaknesses promptly, and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Link Performance to Rewards & Recognition:

Rewarding exceptional performance is a powerful way to incentivize employees.’s APIs provide seamless integration of customer experience (CX) metrics into an organization’s compensation system. By aligning CX with payroll or bonus structures, organizations create a direct link between employee performance and financial incentive. 

For instance, a counteragent at a rental car agency, who is aware that their compensation is tied to the quality of the experience they provide the customer during their rental, would be empowered to go the extra mile consistently. This alignment of performance and rewards motivates employees to surpass customer expectations, elevating the overall level of customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately, growing bottom line.

Looking to improve employee behavior and drive superior customer satisfaction in minutes? 

Let’s help you gamify performance and power accountability with’s Leaderboards.

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