Cloud Software investor Battery Ventures ranked 4th among the top private SaaS companies to work for in 2023, marked by exceptional levels of self-reported employee satisfaction, underscoring’s deep-rooted commitment to fostering exceptional employee satisfaction. 

The list recognizes the U.S.-based cloud companies – spanning industries including security, cloud storage, financial software, customer experience, data governance, marketing and advertising technology and more – with the highest levels of employee satisfaction, as self-reported by employees on Glassdoor, an online provider of insights about jobs and companies. 

To qualify for the list, private cloud companies were required to have 200 or more employees; at least 30 employee reviews on Glassdoor during the 12-month collection period.

Receiving kudos from employees on culture and workplace dynamics was particularly notable for this year’s winners considering the still-challenging market environment for technology companies. 

Indeed, many tech companies have been tightening their belts and shifting away from “growth at all costs” business models in favor of more-disciplined growth plans, some of which have targeted employee perks. 

So, this felicitation means that in an era where tech companies are reevaluating growth strategies and tightening belts, stands out for prioritizing its workforce.

Recent survey reports emphasize the critical need for investing in Employee Experience, as heightened satisfaction and engagement among employees directly correlate with enhanced business productivity.

So, what’s the secret sauce behind’s employee satisfaction? 

It lies with the company’s own Employee Experience Platform, seamlessly integrated into its own operations.
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