SocialSurvey’s PartnerProgram seeks to ensure all of our customers are getting the full value of the platform. Our focus is to ‘Connect’ and ‘Integrate’ fully with your business to form our ‘Partnership’. One such client that has leveraged SocialSurvey for multiple internal projects and partnered with us is Summit Funding.
SocialSurvey launched its relationship with Summit Funding in the summer of 2016, and they have grown with our platform from review capture to review amplification. Closing thousands of transactions a year, Summit Funding sought to deliver a consistent and outstanding experience for its customers with every loan officer. However, at that same time, Summit Funding also wanted to leverage the power of customer feedback to improve their online presence.
Getting “Connected”
Summit Funding has worked tirelessly with SocialSurvey to ensure that their loan officers were engaged and highly adapted. While working with Julie Millare, Summit’s Digital Marketing & CRM Manager, we focused on engagement and value for every loan officer.
How can we combine our efforts to educate and provide a clear value proposition for every new user of SocialSurvey?
This question drove our initial launch, as well our post launch efforts. Summit added SocialSurvey to the onboarding process internally for new loan officers, and as a result they have seen an increase in overall user engagement. With over 85% of their loan officers adapted and over 54% socially connected on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn, this engagement from their loan officers has aided in over 48% overall completion of surveys with over 23,000+ reviews and 113,000+ social shares online.
With loan officers engaged and seeing value, Summit Funding analyzed the customer response data and sought to leverage this feedback to drive those voices beyond the social channels…
How can we improve our branches presence online beyond Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn?
This drove SocialSurvey to develop our ‘Happy’ workflow for Google. With this new workflow, Summit had the ability to drive happy customers beyond SocialSurvey to Google to improve location visibility.
Getting “Integrated”
We launched the new ‘Google’ workflow for all locations and corporate in September 2016 to drive all ‘Happy’ customers to Summit’s Google My Business location pages for additional feedback. As a result, Summit Funding corporate page has received 279 reviews for a 5 star rating. Across 95 branches they have received an additional 2,778 reviews with an average review rating of 4.8 stars.
SummitFunding Google
After seeing the additional feedback they have obtained on Google, Summit recently launched our Zillow API to obtain more reviews on their loan officers’ Zillow pages.
In the mortgage industry, loan officers have several “customers.” Internally, we need to motivate our team to focus on providing borrowers with a great experience, fast closing and lots of communication. Summit Funding leveraged the feedback received from their customers to help develop the Realtor Surveys with SocialSurvey.
This integration allowed Summit to obtain helpful data for all “customers” involved in the transaction. By adding the realtor survey, Summit has seen an overall increase in responses by more than 6%.
“Adding the Realtor Survey to our SocialSurvey account has been phenomenal! We were already ecstatic about the results we had received from surveying our clients, but this has allowed us to capture another point of view in the transaction, as well as boost the total number of reviews that we receive monthly. Our Loan Officer’s love getting this feedback from the Realtors they work with. It allows them to easily feature these reviews on their web pages and share them to their connected Social Media profiles.” – Julie Millare, Digital Marketing & CRM Manager
RealtorSurvey (Formerly SocialSurvey)
The Challenge: On pace to add new employees monthly, Summit had no way to effectively manage and address the increasingly overwhelming online employee feedback received across a breadth of sites online. They needed to thoroughly understand true employee sentiment to continue to expand their recruitment efforts. Their goal was to acquire more employees, which meant not only maintaining high ratings on third-party sites, but also ensuring that, as a company, their employees had balance and a positive view of the company.
The Solution: With the SocialSurvey platform, Summit began garnering feedback from all employees, while focusing on performance. They asked specific questions to obtain valuable insight across departments and highlighting employee issues as top concern. Summit Launched its first EmployeeWellCheck campaign in March of 2018 with 73 overall reviews on Glassdoor w/ 3.2 star rating and 54 overall reviews on Indeed w/ 3.6 star rating.
After EmployeeWellCheck: 103 overall reviews on Glassdoor w/ 4.2 star rating and 57 overall reviews on Indeed w/ 3.8 star rating!
“We love the automation that SocialSurvey provides. Whether it’s automatically sending out our survey requests to our borrowers and agents without anyone having to initiate it, or being able to connect a social media profile and have reviews auto-share, the automation has been great. The Employee Well Check campaign was also AMAZING. We were able to increase our overall rating on Glassdoor from a 3.2 to a 4.2, as well as our CEO Approval rating from 61% to 90% – the results were unreal. SocialMonitor has also rocked our world! Our Marketing Compliance team loves being able to monitor multiple Social Media Platforms in one place, and we are super excited for Instagram to be a part of this as well.”— Julie Millare Digital Marketing & CRM Manager
Summit Funding’s primary competitor has always been itself. They continue to Partner with SocialSurvey to capture daily feedback, honing in on and striving for excellence in all areas of their business. We have worked together to continue to grow with Summit and have obtained valuable insight that has aided in the further growth of our platform.
Congratulations to our Partner, Summit Funding!
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