You’re invited to 2019’s most innovative and interactive marketing and culture event, SocialSurvey’s Create WOW Summit. Join us in beautiful San Ramon, California this September 4th-6th for three exciting days of our “unconference”. We’ll be taking you to WOW TOWN to explore WINNING LOCAL.

First, let’s define what “Local” means:

  1. It means meeting your customers wherever they are, in the moment they need you.
  2. So that when they search they find the best of you, first.
  3. And it means even when they’re not searching you’re still present, providing value and social proof in their community—online or off.

At this year’s Create WOW Summit we will have technology and industry experts, the SocialSurvey WOW Team and your peers to help you WIN LOCAL in today’s Experience Economy:

  • Put your Customer Experience (CX) in Motion, driving business outcomes
  • Learn what Google needs to help you show up first
  • Build your Social Proof and Online Reputation
  • Excel at Voice and Video
  • Master the stages of the CX 2.0 Virtuous Cycle
  • Leverage your Customer Data to improve your business
  • Drive your Teams to deliver more 5-Star experiences

Debut SocialSurvey’s Listings management product and championing other SocialSurvey products and features, like Monitor Compliance and Reply to Reviews.

This is a highly interactive conference. You and your teammates will roll up your sleeves and dig into the technology, workflows and best practices that will earn you a competitive edge! You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your full WOW potential that will impact your company, personal brand and career.
The more you engage, the more you WIN!
The WIN LOCAL @ WOW TOWN theme will function like a town—a mini-society—where attendees will actively participate in our community event and be rewarded for participation. By active, you are encouraged to raise your hand during sessions, create social content, jump on a podcast, shoot a video, brainstorm, create your personal brand identity andeven make a WOW Cocktail behind the bar. The more you engage, the more you WIN! By the end of the event, we will elect a Digital Mayor of WOW Town.

The event will fill up fast, based on last year’s success and this year’s theme and content. We encourage you to bring yourself and your teammates, as there will be more than enough to do and experience for one person.


Sept. 4-6 at Bishop Ranch’s Roundhouse


Check out our highlight reel from last year’s event,  along with some testimonials from attendees and industry leaders like yourself.  
[blockquote type=”1″ position=”default” author=”Nicole S, 2018 WOW Summit Attendee“]5.00 Stars — I’ve never attended a conference where every minute was an intense valuable takeaway! I felt as though I needed more ears. It was worth every dollar and it will dramatically help our company moving forward. All that is the cherry on top to their incredible delivery of goods and everyday service that we cherish. It’s rare to feel such astounding confidence in a vendor, but I can confidently say we absolutely get more than what we pay and that they are providing INCREDIBLE results for us.[/blockquote]
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