During the last six years, our company has seen firsthand how customer and employee experiences can impact brand value and reputation. We know experience is everything, so we’re making it the center of our organization.

Amazing experiences create lifelong customers,  but poor experiences can destroy a brand in a moment’s time. In fact, poor customer service experiences cost businesses more than $75 billion per year1. More than 51% of customers will end their relationship with a company over one bad customer service experience, and  the average American customer tells as many as 15 people about a poor customer experience2, further damaging a brand’s reputation. 

As Warren Buffett famously said, “It can take 20 years to build a reputation and only five minutes to ruin it.” 

Meanwhile, companies struggle to understand what went wrong, often sending long form surveys that go unanswered well after the opportunity to reverse the impact of the negative experience. Worse, many businesses ignore the fact that 32% of loyal customers will walk away from the brand after a single bad experience. Rather than waiting for one bad review that can ruin your reputation, you need to understand real-time experiences.

Make Every Experience Matter

The good news? Seven out of ten customers say they’ll pay more to work with a company that provides great experiences, increasing customer retention rates by 5% and lifting profits, on average, by 25% or more3. We know that 70% of the customer journey is directly connected to the customer’s experience at each touchpoint along the path to purchase.. To ensure every experience makes a positive impact, businesses need to capture, optimize and automate customer experiences data in real-time. — it is the core to building an exceptional CX strategy. 

Since Experience.com’s launch in 2015, we have been 100% focused on customer and employee experiences (EX). We know how they can accelerate brand value and how they can damage brand reputation. We not only understand the impact of an experience, we know how best to gather data on experiences and activate those insights to power experiences that create measurable business outcomes. 

We believe experience is everything. So much so that we are putting our entire business on our commitment to building exceptional CX strategies and rebranding Experience.com as Experience.com.

Introducing Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey), a whole new way to manage CX + EX

“Enterprise companies in all industries struggle to identify, capture, and immediately act during the critical interactions that their customers and employees experience every day, at scale. The inability to react in the moment can be catastrophic for a brand’s reputation, and bottom line,” says Experience.com Founder and CEO Scott Harris, “That’s why we’re introducing Experience.com, a platform that sets a new standard for experience manager technology.”

Introducing Experience.com, a platform that sets a new standard for experience management technology.

We have built a platform that reinvents how companies manage the experiences of customers and employees capturing experiences at the exact right moments, acting on those experiences, and broadcasting those experiences to build social proof and drive profit. Combine the power of the Experience.com platform with our team of Experience Experts and you have a program that’s built to turn customers into fanatics and employees into advocates.  

“Legacy CX is passive, diagnostic and reactive. The future of CX is real-time data, in motion, so you can change experiences while they happen. We’re not asking the same old question – are customers happy with our brand? We’re reaching out in the moment – during an experience, with a particular product or employee, at a specific time, so we can change behaviors in real time. Experience is not a fluffy concept – it is the #1 driving force behind company success,”  says Scott Harris

Experience data is automatically collected at the moments that matter. We help you build the right campaigns to capture the right data from the right experiences by connecting to the operational systems you already use to track your business.

Sale closed? Post-sale campaign triggered. Home loan application completed? Loan application campaign triggered, customized with the face and name of the loan agent. New employee? New hire process evaluation campaign triggered. 

Each experience is unique, so each campaign is built to ask the right questions and drive the right behaviors automatically, without the manual effort. 

Experiences are amplified to build your reputation. Happy customers and employees are asked to share their reviews instantly on industry, review, and social media sites to build social proof. On average, our customer data shows each review created is shared nine times across social networks and customer review sites . Escalation workflows help you turn demoters into promoters  by providing you with data that can help you take prompt action. The robust data available via Experience.com, attached to each tier of your organization, fuels overall company growth, while boosting individual employee-level reputation. Our experience management platform impacts every area of your business: Win locally, grow exponentially.

Experiences drive behaviors. Because the platform is built to match your org chart with player-integration, each employee’s CX performance data is shared, analyzed, benchmarked, and used in leaderboards to help motivate entire teams. Employees can login to see their stats and compare their ratings against colleagues.. The Experience Platform also connects with your HR systems, so you can incentivize and reward excellent customer experiences. Launch employee campaigns to capture and improve employees experiences that in return boost your overall CX: Happier employees = happier customers.  

The result? Better customer experiences. Engaged employees. Improved brand reputation and visibility. And, a CX strategy built on measurable data that can drive your business forward. It’s time to turn insights into outcomes and make every experience matter. 

We are excited to begin this journey together as Experience.com.

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