Improve your online search rank and attract more customers with’s new Search Rank Calculator

This comprehensive tool simplifies the complex process of online search/SEO and provides pro tips and actionable recommendations to help your users beat their competition. And the best part? All of your users have free access to the calculator!

Here are six key features in the Experience Management Platform (XMP) that your professional users will love:

The Calculator

  1. The Search Rank Score calculator helps professional users measure their visibility in the Search Site and improve their SEO. It takes into account essential factors such as profile completion, recent reviews, replies to reviews, and social connections to calculate the user’s score and provide them with actionable tips. Action recommendations suggest impactful ways for professionals to earn more points toward their Search Rank Score.

Top 5% – Gold stars / Bigger Map icon

  1. Gamified elements help users adapt best practices, rank higher up in search results, and attract more customers. Leading professionals within a vertical are distinguished by the Top 5% badge on their profile picture. The top 5% also get gold star ratings as opposed to the blue stars used to denote the ratings of all other professionals. In the map view of the search results, customers can spot the top 5% through the larger markers or map icons used to denote them, which establishes credibility for the customer.

Local Ranking View

  1. The new User Dashboard enables professionals to see where they rank in their location. The “See where you rank” card in the dashboard lists professionals who rank above and below the user in their primary location. These built-in insights drive actions that enable professionals to win.

Easy Connections

  1. provides a one-stop solution in the XMP to help professional users manage all their connections in one place. Social profiles, review sites, partnership pages, CRMs, and other industry-related integrations can all be connected with ease. With the Connections center, professionals can import reviews, auto-share reviews to connected sites, and set up auto-reply across platforms, all in a matter of seconds.

New Profile Pages

  1. New Profile pages are intuitively designed to empower professionals to take ownership of their online professional profile and expand their reach. Users can attract and manage customers from multiple locations or service areas using a single profile. Switchable tabs improve user experience making it easy to edit and complete profile information. Quick Actions nudge users to complete their profile.

Coming Soon

  1. is constantly innovating and improving to help professionals win online. Here are four more exciting features that will be available in the next few months:
  • The Search Rank Game: A fun and interactive UI with awards and badges that motivate Users to take actions that have the greatest impact on their online visibility.
  • Promote Your Partners: Pro and Enterprise Users can pin their affiliates or partners on their public profiles to collaborate with professionals from allied industries and expand their reach.
  • The Referral Center: Users can identify their happiest customers and pitch for a referral at the right time with preset email templates.
  • Google Q&A will also be available soon. Your users will be able to view and answer customer questions posted on their Google My Business page directly from their account, post FAQs, and manage responses to make sure customers have all the information they need.

Take advantage of’s Search Rank Calculator and other powerful features to improve your online reputation, attract more customers, and drive sustainable growth over the long term. Get connected with an team member today to start maximizing the value of the XMP!

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