If you missed Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk’s Agent2021 Event in Miami, FL, you’re in luck! We’ve pulled together our top takeaways from the event.
Agent2021 is a business innovation conference with a focus on four entrepreneurial tracks: mortgage, real estate, insurance and automotive.
SocialSurvey’s CEO, Scott Harris, participated in the Reputation is Everything: Managing Your Online Reviews panel, and had the opportunity to collaborate and listen to other social media innovators and influencers throughout the event.

Scott joined us to talk about his experience and WOW takeaways from Agent2021:

The time to focus on reputation is now.

  • “If I had one takeaway for the overarching theme, I would say reputation. Know your truth and share your truth. In this day and age, with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all of these social media outlets, we follow people who believe what we believe. They’re passionate about the things that we’re passionate about.”

Skip the goal lists… give them YOU.

  • “Gary’s such a great example of this. Gary is on point, helping entrepreneurs focus and grow their business. Even this conference is an extension of who Gary is, and I love that. One of the speakers said, ‘Don’t make a list of goals. Don’t give people five steps to win here, or three steps to do this….give them you. Right?Give them your awkward, give them your passion, and tell them what you’re passionate about. People will want to follow you because they’re people that are passionate about what you’re passionate about.”

Merge passion with your profession to grow your following.

  • Example 1: “I was talking to Kristin Messerli, our moderator on the Managing Your Online Reviews panel, about her business and her passion. Her entire business is built around serving underprivileged communities. Whether that’s an education deficit, or an economic issue, or a language barrier, she’s built a marketing engine to help reach into these underserved communities and serve them.When you listen to her talk about it, she is so passionate… I believe what she believes, and I would follow her (and I do now). That’s her truth and she stays on point. She’s going to grow quite a following. So, great job Kristin.”
  • Example 2: “I met a woman 15 years ago in Las Vegas. I was looking at some real estate, and this real estate agent (you know, back in the day when we used to get the listings magazines and you’d open it up and they’d have like 12 or 15 listings on each pagewe used to go to the local grocery store to get it). She had the center column, and on the left side was all of her listings. On the right side, in those same sized boxes, she had the dogs from the local pound.She donated her time to this passion, she donated her money, she did advertising and she helped those dogs get adopted. This is what she was passionate about, and so she put it out there. I have to believe every dog lover in town used this agent. She was true to who she was and what she was passionate about, and there are plenty of people that are passionate about those same things.”

It was a great conference, with a powerful lineup of personal branding experts, and Gary Vaynerchuk knocked it out of the park. Scott projects that things are only going to continue to grow for GaryVee and Agent2021… and, yes, one day he may actually own the Jets.
Scott’s one really great takeaway from the event…

“Just know your truth, be you, get it out there and stay true to you.” -Scott Harris, SocialSurvey

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