It’s easy to read any company or product’s blog page and see self promoting drivel in every written line. One would likely expect nothing less from a post titled “Is An Experience Management Platform Right For Me?”

Well, let’s put that assumption to bed right now.

The answer is: it depends.

There are two questions to ask yourself that will determine whether an Experience Management Platform is worth the investment – 

Does my business benefit from accurate listings and positive online review sentiment?  

And will customer feedback help me to improve my product or service offering?

If you are an aerospace company with defense contracts… probably not. If you are a lab, researching the next vaccine… again, probably not.

But if you answered yes to either of the two questions above, then an Experience Management Platform is something worth considering and investing in for you.  

Any business offering consumer services can find immense value in a modern Experience Management Platform. The challenge faced by B2C companies lies in maintaining their online visibility on multiple external platforms—Google Maps, for instance—which contain user reviews and listing information for their business. Ensuring consistency and accuracy across these platforms is paramount. However, the task of managing this information and the narrative now demands more and more effort, given the expansion of the network of sites and informational channels. And this network is just going to keep growing.

For a small business owner, this task is monumental, while for mid-sized and enterprise companies, it becomes nearly impossible. Consider overseeing a network of 1,000 insurance brokers, each required to uphold accurate listings, gather customer feedback, and respond to reviews—both positive and negative—without knowing when they’re coming in, or from where. Such an endeavor would prove unmanageable, and the time investment would inevitably hinder revenue generation.

The solution to this problem? Automation.  

Now you could go out and acquire a reviews platform, a listing management solution, a customer experience automation platform and piece together a cohesive strategy. This is how it used to be done. However, with each solution in place, you are again increasing the workload you place on yourself and your employees to manage the narrative. Not to mention: this is probably not a cost effective solution.’s Experience Management Platform (XMP) exists to tie all of these point solutions together so that companies can manage their online data, reputation, search rankings, customer and employee feedback, and can automate customer experiences from a single place.

One platform for the complete customer journey and experience.

For retailers, this means all locations can now receive independent feedback from customers.  Employees in a given location can be rewarded and held accountable for specific customer feedback.  Loyalty program invitations can be automatically sent to happy customers, and the parent company can keep an eye on how each location compares to the others. 

For hotels and resorts, the benefits extend further. Similar advantages apply, accompanied by the potential to automate invitations or bookings for on-site services tailored to specific customer personas. Imagine your guest enjoyed a massage during their last visit. With a room check-in, they could now receive a coupon for another massage and an exclusive loyalty program invitation for discounted access to other services.

When you think about how this can be applied to Banking, Mortgage, Insurance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail and all B2C verticals, the possibilities are endless. 

But let’s not forget, independent contractors, brokers and service providers face the same challenges, and thus can be helped with the same solutions. These tools are as relevant for the individual contractor as they are for the global enterprise.

At, our aim is to provide everyone with this level of automation and comprehensive control over your online presence, customer experience and service intelligence, so that you can enhance your operations, engage your customers, and elevate your overall performance. 

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Craig Ferrara
VP of Customer Success

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