If you struggle to get enough reviews on Google, you’re probably using Experience.com incorrectly. Here are five actions you and your professionals should take on Experience.com to win on Google search:

Make sure all your Locations (and Users, if possible) have Google Business Profile pages.

  1. Creating a Google profile page is essential for businesses if you want to appear in Google search results. Ensure that all your Locations have a Google profile page, and encourage your Users or Agents to create their own profiles.

Authenticate your Google Profiles in Experience.com.

  1. Authenticating your Google connections in Experience.com is a crucial step. Once you have authenticated your Google Profiles in Experience.com, a suite of tools awaits at your fingertips to manage your SEO and win in Google searches. Import Google reviews to share, reply to, and manage in the XMP, and use secondary workflows to automatically redirect happy reviewers to write a review on your Google profile. (VERY IMPORTANT: If you don’t authenticate, most of the Experience.com automation doesn’t activate. This includes AI Auto Reply, Approved Auto Reply, Google Q&A Integration, Importing All Google Reviews, Sharing All Google Reviews)

Automate the Secondary Workflow with Google Redirect.

  1. The Google Redirect feature automatically redirects a survey respondent to write a review on Google for the Agent, Location, or Company. And, compared to Experience.com surveys that ask respondents to click a link to write a review, surveys that use the Google Auto-Redirect feature generate a 600% increase in reviews on Google. 

Reply to Every Review.

  1. Replying to every review is essential for improving your online reputation and increasing your local search rank. With Experience.com, you can effortlessly reply to each review yourself or enable the platform to automatically reply to reviews for you.

Make sure your Users have access to the new Search Rank Score Calculator.

  1. Ensure that all your professionals have a profile in the Experience Management Platform and that it is verified so that they can take advantage of the powerful new Search Rank tools. As Credit Karma has done for credit, we have taken hundreds of relevant search factors and created a fun and interactive calculator to help every professional engage and win in search results. The only way to increase the Search Rank Score is by taking the recommended actions to optimize the User profile, create and maintain active social connections, and receive and reply to reviews.

Experience.com continues to upgrade our connection to Google to help you take full advantage of every improvement. Customers who use these upgrades correctly are winning in searches and creating lots of new organic business. Read more about Search Rank Score here.

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