The first step in creating a great CX strategy is getting to know your customers. CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, more than ‘brand’ and ‘price’ combined, and 74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone. But it all begins with getting to know your customer!

Here are 4 easy ways to connect to your customers and get going on your CX strategy. 

  1. Get feedbac

Ask your customers first. Improving your customer experience strategy starts with the right feedback from them. Connect with your customers to understand what their needs, wants, and expectations from your company are, gather data from customer surveys, interviews, and feedback forms to gain insight into who your customers are and how they use your product or service, and find out what they’d like to see improved. In fact, if a company proactively reaches out to customers for feedback, they’re viewed more favorably by up to 77% of customers.

  1. Get data

It’s all about data and analytics. Use your customer feedback to gain insights constantly, not just once a year. Analyze the data to understand customer behaviors, interactions, and preferences, and look for patterns and trends that can help you create a more tailored customer experience.

Look at how customers interact with your brand. Track website visits, analyze customer purchase history, and look for trends in customer feedback. This will help you understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors and then take action in real time.

  1. Get smart 

Research your customers’ market conditions. To get to know your customers, you must first identify who they are, and what they need. Research demographic and geographic data to target their needs. Once you know what the current trend for their industry is, refine your approach in order to be their best solution.

  1. Get personal

Know each client in a personal way. 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer experiences personalized to them. From building amazing relationships with white glove support to simply creating an opportunity to connect with a company, know what matters to their organization. It’s important to understand their mission, vision, and values. Understand what’s important to your primary point of contact based on who they are within your customers organization. 

Get going

By knowing the customer, you’ll be able to take action. Businesses with exceptional customer experiences make 4% to 8% more revenue than their competitors. A good customer experience strategy begins with understanding the customer. Then you know what your priorities should look like in order to continue improving their experiences. 

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