What is the Search Site?

Effortlessly search, find, and refer industry-leading professionals. 

Prominence, relevance, and proximity are key factors influencing our decision-making when looking for a professional/service provider who meets our needs. As customers, we value authority, trustworthiness, and social proof; word of mouth never went out of fashion. 

The Search Site gives you all that and more. The Search Site makes life easy to find reliable service providers in any industry in your selected location. 

Read on to learn how to connect with top-rated professionals across industries using the Search Site.

Search by location, industry, business, agent

As a customer, you can search and browse using keyword(s) in a location by business service category. 

Browse professionals by category and apply filters that simplify your search.

Search by:

  • Business vertical or service (For example, Loan Service Providers)
  • Location (For example, Loan officers in Chicago)
  • Professionals (For example, Name of the agent)


Filter professionals based on the following parameters:

  1. Services: Example- Mortgage, Real Estate, Banking, Human Resources, etc.
  2. Location: Search for a location by entering the city, state, or zip code.
  3. Distance: Based on your current location, you can filter professionals listed within a certain radius( 0-100 miles).
  4. Ratings: Filter professionals based on the average of their review ratings.
  5. Number of Reviews: You can view only professionals with more than a certain number of reviews by checking the relevant box.

List and map view to explore results

You can view professionals in the default list view, which displays the highest-rated professionals on the top, or switch to the map view. The search results provide an overview of the professional’s basic information, such as Name, Position, Photo, Ratings, etc. 

If your location is captured (either through the location entered in the location field or using the shared location), professionals within a 25-mile radius of the identified location are displayed in the search results.

In the map view, each professional is shown as a pin on the map. When you hover the cursor over the pin, you can see the professional listed in that pinned location. 

Social proof for reliable connections

The Search Site showcases verified Experience.com reviews from real-time customers who have worked closely with the professional, in addition to reviews from various third-party social sites such as Facebook and GMB. High-quality reviews from diverse platforms help you identify the professionals who are best suited to meet your needs. 

The Professional’s Total Experience Score, a new score combining reviews and ratings from customers across several sites, lends credibility to the customers using the Experience.com Search Site to find services. 

The most searched professionals are distinguished by the top 5% badge on their profile picture. The badge highlights professionals who lie within the top 5 percentile of the total number of professionals registered in that industry. You can also tell the top 5% apart by the gold stars used to denote their rating (as opposed to the blue stars for all other professionals).

Find top-rated, reliable professionals in your location using the Search Site, a top-end business listing platform with social networking functionalities that offers a credible landscape for professionals and their customers to connect and do business.

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