Thrive Mortgage: A Remarkable Success Story with Nearly 10k Reviews!

Thrive Mortgage has proven itself as an industry leader and expert in Customer Experience since partnering with in 2018. Their journey with has elevated their Google presence from a modest 3.7-star rating to an impressive 4.9 stars, thanks to the power of automated workflows.

With’s streamlined processes, Thrive Mortgage has gained over 200 Google reviews, contributing to their substantial increase in ratings. In just a single year, they have amassed an astounding 3,300 reviews across various platforms. Today, Thrive Mortgage boasts more than 26,000 social media posts, with each review being shared an average of 8.3 times online, effortlessly expanding their reach and influence. This surge in positive reviews has significantly benefited their loan officers by generating new business opportunities.

James Duncan, Director of Education and Engagement at Thrive, shares the impact of this success: “One of our top producers mentioned that she received 10 new referrals in the first month alone, solely due to the increased social media traffic driven by positive reviews.” These testimonials validate the effectiveness of in driving growth and amplifying Thrive Mortgage’s reputation.

Thrive Mortgage’s core values and leadership demonstrate a steadfast commitment to delivering meaningful customer experiences, and has played a pivotal role in collecting and sharing these stories. CEO Roy Jones and President Barbara Jones affirm that their mission goes beyond financial gain, emphasizing their dedication to helping every employee lead a significant and fulfilling life by serving their clients.

In a recent Thrivenomics podcast featuring’s Scott Harris, James Duncan sheds light on Thrive Mortgage’s relentless pursuit of improvement and innovation. He emphasizes the importance of constant growth, stating, “If you believe you’ve reached the pinnacle, that your processes are flawless and innovation is no longer necessary, it may be time to retire.” Listen to the full podcast to discover more insights from Thrive Mortgage’s remarkable journey.

Thrive Mortgage’s partnership with has propelled them to new heights, establishing their reputation as a customer-centric mortgage provider. Their dedication to excellence, coupled with the powerful tools and resources provided by, continues to fuel their success and inspire further innovation.

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