Have you ever wondered why some profiles on Experience.com display an exclusive Top 5% banner and gold stars? Are you eager to join these ranks and enjoy the benefits of being a top local professional in your field? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll guide you through the five key steps to elevate your status and help you capture that prestigious Top 5% designation.

1. Update All Profile Information

First things first, let’s start with your profile. A completed and up-to-date profile is not just appealing—it’s critical in improving your visibility and search rank score. Detail the products and services you offer to help potential clients understand your business better.

The more information you fill in, the more data we can distribute and index on your behalf. Think of it as the first building block in constructing your online reputation. This not only enhances your profile’s appeal but also helps boost your search rank score.

2. Authenticate Your Google Connections

Your Google connection is your gateway to capturing a large portion of online reviews. Authenticating this connection allows us to collect your Google reviews, and lets you respond to them directly from our platform.

These reviews play a major role in establishing trust with potential clients. The added bonus? They also contribute significantly to your search rank score. Embrace this powerful tool and amplify your online presence.

3. Garner a High Volume of Recent Reviews

Fresh and frequent reviews are the secret ingredient to climbing the ranks. Strive to gather a high volume of reviews, especially those gained in the last 12 months. Aim for at least 75 new reviews during this period.

The more recent your reviews, the better your search rank score. Encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews, and witness your profile ascend in the rankings.

4. Respond to All Recent Reviews

Taking the time to respond to reviews isn’t just good manners, it’s good for business. This demonstrates that you value your clients’ feedback and enhances your online reputation.

Remember, it’s not just about collecting reviews, but interacting with them. Positive or negative, each review deserves your attention and a professional response.

5. Update and Activate Business Listings Distribution

Finally, your business listings data needs to be accurate and active. Use our listings distribution feature to publish your business information across numerous relevant sites online.

The wider your reach, the higher the chances of being found by potential clients, and the higher your search rank score. Let the world know you’re open for business.

Want to know how to manage your online reputation? Here are 5 simple tips for you!

Consistently following these steps will guide you toward becoming a Top 5% professional on Experience.com.

Benefits of the Top 5% Banner:

  • A top 5% banner on your profile – This exclusive banner appears on your profile, just below your photo, signaling to all who view your profile that you’re among the best of the best in your field.
  • Gold stars instead of blue ones – All profiles in the top 5% have gold stars instead of the usual blue ones, making your profile stand out and signaling your high-quality services to potential clients.
  • Local market leaderboards – You’ll be able to track your standing against local competitors, providing motivation and data to keep improving.
  • A larger icon on map search – Your icon will be larger on the Map Search UI, drawing attention to your profile and making it easy for potential clients to find you.
  • Priority in online search – Our online search feature will prioritize displaying Top 5% professionals. Other professionals (not in the top 5%) will appear lower on the list, giving you a distinct advantage.

These features make your profile stand out, helping you attract more clients and ultimately growing your business.

So, are you ready to rise to the top of search? 

Start applying these steps today and monitor your progress on the local market leaderboard. 

Reaching the top is not a complicated process—it just requires consistent effort and engagement. But once you get there, the benefits are well worth it.

We’re excited to see you on the leaderboards and can’t wait to see your profile adorned with gold stars and that Top 5% Banner. It’s your time to dominate search results and surge your business!

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