Overcoming the Great Resignation: How to Use Voice of Employee to Build Retention, Reputation, and Re-Engagement

Now more than ever, HR leaders are finding themselves battling to hire, engage, and elevate outstanding employees.

Workforces are changing rapidly, shifting structures, team members, challenging recruiting, L&D, and culture-building efforts. HR wants to know how employees feel, and maintain communication based on their needs, role, and stage on the journey. But it can be hard to keep up. With a strategy designed to support those efforts, HR leaders can deliver a unique level of personalized communication for potential and current employees that makes them feel heard, valued, and fulfilled at every step.

We have learned that elevating employee culture improves experiences, engagement & retention. But how can you humanize employee excellence at scale?

In this session, you will learn about:

– The critical components of the employee experience
– The benefits of personalized, ongoing communication
– How EX technology can improve experiences and engagement, at scale

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Chief People and Culture Officer, Experience.com

Dr. Kriegel is the Chief People and Culture Officer at Experience.com. Featured in CNBC, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, and trusted by the world’s leading brands, Jessica is an expert in generational dynamics in the workplace. Author of “Unfairly Labeled: How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Ditching Generational Stereotypes.” She speaks on the topic of generational dynamics nationally and acts as an adviser and strategist in matters of talent management, team building, leadership and change management.

Experience.com’s EX Blueprint powers companies to launch journey-based campaigns for current and prospective employees, using the power of the Employee Experience Platform XMP to drive retention, recruiting, reputation, and engagement.


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