We are living in an experience economy, where experience is the #1 differentiator for a brand. 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.  

And everything is an experience. 

Every interaction – every email, phone call, chat, text message, social interaction, in store interaction, and website visit – are important experiences that we need to focus on, and those experiences drive over two-thirds of customer loyalty — more than brand and price combined!

Today, CX and EX alignment is more important than ever

When CX and EX are aligned, companies go from being one of many providers for particular products and services, to a category of one in the minds of their customers and employees.

It is our job to identify the most meaningful customer and employee moments, and use them to power the business.

We have developed a comprehensive, extendable and agile experience management platform. So how do we use it to power improvements for each of our customers?

Moments + XMP = Improvements

This means that MOMENTS, i.e. the experiences along the customer or employee journey, combined with the XMP, i.e. the Experience Management Platform, equals IMPROVEMENTS, making the moments matter more powered by impactful business outcomes.


Intentional Experience Architecture. 

We work with our customers to identify the moments that matter through their customer journey, power those moments using the XMP,  and therefore drive a list of business outcomes that match their goals, and then we go beyond them.

Identify the Customer Journey Moments & Key Interactions: 

During Moments, we focus on Customer Journeys, finding all the most meaningful moments that can be maximized. Then, we find all the most meaningful interactions within our chosen moments. The most impactful drivers of EX and CX are usually human-to-human interactions that occur frequently.

The experience.com XMP makes every experience matter more. Mapping to meaningful customer journey moments is at the  heart of driving this mission.

When our partners have an interaction with their customers, this is a customer journey moment. A properly architected moment in the XMP can power employee behavior, improve customer experiences and drive business outcomes.

Let’s dive in.

Here is an example of a moment. Let’s say you are a hotel chain with a counter agent – Jill- who is trying to create a great experience for each individual that visits and stays at their hotels. 

The experience of each hotel guest begins before they even book. But let’s focus on the first interaction with the location. The check-in experience is a moment. This moment can be architected to improve the customer experience and employee behavior. 

We can break down this moment into multiple touchpoints:

Customer Check-in Moment – Part 1: Customer Checks In at the Counter

In this scenario, your hotel is using the XMP to power this moment, who is using customer sentiment to pay bonus compensation to each agent based on 2 factors,

The level of customer satisfaction when Jill creates a great experience for the customer

The customers engagement and willingness to complete the survey based on their experience

So Jill delivers a great customer experience. Before the customer leaves the counter, Jill will likely do two things,

  1. She tells the customer that they will receive a survey with only two questions that will help them measure her performance.
  2. She asks if there is anything that she can do to make the customer’s experience better.

Customer Check-in Moment – Part 2: Customer Enters The Hotel Room

Upon scanning the room key, your hotel system tells the experience.com XMP that the hotel guest, let’s call him Jack Johnson, just checked in at your hotel with counter agent Jill.

As he walks into the room he gets a notification from your hotel welcoming him into his room and asking how his experience was from Jill in two questions. 
Mr. Johnson reports that his checkin experience with Jill was GREAT.

Customer Check-in Moment – Part 3: Customers Feedback Delivers Motivation in Real-Time

As soon as this customer’s feedback is sent, instantly an alert goes to Jill and Jill’s manager. The alert shares the comments from Mr. Johnson. This will boost Jill’s motivation to continue delivering great experiences in real-time.

Further, Jill skips back to the break room to check out the counteragent leaderboard.  Your hotel is using our leaderboards to rank all counteragent’s performance based on customer experiences in real-time. She’s excited to see where she is because the weekly CX winners get big prizes.

This customer made some great comments and it’s likely that Jill’s manager will bring them up in tomorrow’s team meeting!

Customer Check-in Moment – Part 4: This Happy Customer is Converted to a Rewards Member

The XMP also knows that Mr. Johnson booked using Orbitz. The hotel pays over 20% of the total booking to Orbitz when a customer books through their online travel agency (OTA).

This variable puts the XMP into motion in a personalized way because we know he isn’t a rewards member.

Because he is happy, we send him a text automatically offering  a $50 room service credit on his current stay in exchange for signing up as a rewards member. The message is personalized and comes from a manager.

Based on the lifetime value of rewards members, getting just a few % of these travelers to sign up can lead to hundreds or millions in additional revenue.

Customer Check-in Moment – Part 5: Your Hotel Keeps Winning Locally

Your hotel also likes to focus on winning local customers. They get 14% of their total booking from GMB. They know that managing the top position on Google search will help keep their property full.

Travelers like Mr. Johnson can easily be redirected to post on GMB and other third-party review sites to leave their feedback so other travelers can enjoy the same great service.

With the hotel’s volume they should easily be able to dominate this local position on Google.

With the EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM (XMP) by Experience.com, you can now have everything you need in a single, game-changing platform!

You can collect more, effortlessly, and capture feedback at every meaningful moment in the customer journey, analyze more, automatically, and build the perfect CX program for your business, drive employee behavior, analyze feedback data and win, and act more, intentionally, and deploy workflows and APIs to put CX data where it belongs to power business outcomes!

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