The digital marketing landscape has become increasingly competitive, and agencies are always looking for ways to stand out and deliver the best results for their clients. offers a wide range of marketing features that agencies can use to boost their clients’ online reputation, search ranking, and overall digital presence. 

“Agencies today need cutting-edge tools to help their clients navigate the complex world of digital marketing,” says Steven Harris, CEO of “Our platform offers an array of powerful features that enable agencies to deliver exceptional results, empowering their clients to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

Here are the top 10 marketing features that agencies will enjoy with

  1. Search Rank Calculator: 

The Search Rank Calculator provides a credit score-like overview of your client’s online search presence. Our algorithm breaks down the key components of their online presence into numeric values, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and track progress.

  1. Professional Page on’s professional pages showcase your client’s expertise and services on a comprehensive website that includes all their business information, hours, contact details, products, services, and customer reviews. This increases their online visibility and attracts new customers.

  1. Automated Social Sharing: 

Increase customer engagement and attract new business by automating the sharing of your client’s best customer reviews and ratings on popular social media platforms.

  1. Referral Center: 

Request referrals and increase your chances of getting quality referrals from partners, customers, and friends with our perfectly crafted email templates.

  1. Request Reviews: 

Boost your client’s online reputation and search rank by using Automated Review Requests. Simply click the “Request A Review” button to get more reviews and improve their score.

  1. Aggregate Reviews from the Web: 

Connect the XMP to review platforms like Google and Facebook to aggregate reviews from the web. This makes it easier to manage and enhance your client’s online reputation by activating our reply, post, APIs, monitoring, and sharing features for all these reviews.

  1. Reviews Management: 

Handle all of your client’s reviews from multiple sites in one place. You can respond to reviews, access our AI reply automation, report reviews, and view individual responses to streamline the review management process and enhance their online reputation with ease.

  1. Reviews Widgets: 

Use our easy-to-use widget builder to customize the look and feel of your widget to match your client’s website branding. This is an easy solution for displaying customer feedback on their website and showcasing their reviews and ratings from multiple platforms all in one place.

  1. Google Place Management: 

Control all of your client’s Google My Business listings from one central dashboard. You can update their location information, add photos and videos, and manage reviews, insights, and Google’s Q&A feature.

  1. Professional Listings Distribution: 

Ensure that your client’s professional information is consistent and accurate across more than 100 online directories, search engines, and maps. This feature is crucial for maintaining a strong online presence and improving search rankings.

By leveraging these top 10 marketing features from, agencies can help their clients build a solid online reputation, increase visibility, and ultimately drive more business growth.

About is a leading provider of AI-powered reputation management and customer experience solutions. Their platform offers businesses and agencies a comprehensive set of tools to manage, monitor, and optimize their online presence and reputation, as well as deliver personalized experiences to their customers. With a focus on innovation and customer success, has become a trusted partner for thousands of businesses worldwide.

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