Did you know that nearly half of all Google searches have local intent? 

This means that potential customers in your area are actively seeking products and services like yours. The question is, how do you stand out in this competitive landscape? 

Why is it important to rank high on search results?

According to a Google study, a whopping 82% of people conduct online searches before making a purchase. 

Hubspot estimates that there are 99,000 new Google searches every second. With fewer than 6% of that traffic browsing past the first page of search results. Additionally, Google owns over 92% of the global search engine market. 

It’s safe to say, if you don’t land at the top of search results in your industry, then you’re losing business to your local competition. 

How do you do it? 

Search engines, like Google, have complex algorithms. The full details of search ranking algorithms are relatively private. They are also updated regularly to improve the quality of search results. This makes unlocking the secret to winning locally very challenging. 

You probably often find yourself concerned with SEO guides, or investing in multiple tools, in order to have a chance at mastering search results. This is where Experience.com’s Search Rank Platform and our revolutionary Search Rank Score is changing the game.

Search Engine’s Algorithm – The PPR Model:

Search engines like Google prioritize Proximity, Prominence, and Relevance factors within their algorithm. We call this, the PPR model– the trio shaping your online visibility.

What’s this PPR model?
Imagine that you’re giving a recommendation to your friend. You’ll base your recommendation on three main factors:

1. Proximity: Is the recommendation conveniently located for your friend?

2. Prominence: Is the suggested product or service widely known and of high quality?

3. Relevance: Does your recommendation align with what your friend is seeking?

Online search engines like Google operate on the same principles when delivering search results, essentially mirroring the human decision-making process.

For proximity, search engines ask, “Is the business close enough to the searcher to be considered to be a good answer for this query?”

For prominence, search engines ask, “How popular or well known is the business?”

And for relevance, search engines ask, “Does this business do or sell or have the attributes that the searcher is looking for?”

Experience.com’s Search Rank Score  

Landing on the first page of search is no longer a mystery.

Experience.com’s Search Rank Score takes into consideration hundreds of SEO attributes, and decides on the next best actions required for a professional to rank higher on search. 

In other words, Experience.com has simplified the complexities of online search, similar to how Credit Karma has simplified credit reports for individuals.. That’s right – for the first time, your online search results now have a number – and that number is your Search Rank Score

Your Search Rank Score depends on multiple factors, including your primary website, your Google Business Profile, and your recent reviews. With Experience.com’s Search Rank Platform, you can seamlessly connect and control all those factors under a single login.

The algorithm guides you with the next best steps to rise to the top of local search, so that you win online, every time.We’ve gamified those steps with the Search Rank Game to power long-lasting behaviors, so that you enjoy logging in daily and you’re no longer guessing if the time you spend will actually produce results.

More Than Just Ranking

Experience.com’s Search Rank Platform not only manages your online presence, but also drives growth, produces leads, and provides you a platform to grow your professional network. 

  • Aggregate reviews
  • Get referrals effortlessly, 
  • Connect with partners from your area
  • See where you stand in your local market amongst competitors
  • Flaunt a Top 5% badge to your prospects

Above all, Experience.com’s Search Rank Platform gives you – the professional – complete control over your own online reputation

In a world buzzing with local searches, don’t just aim to be visible – strive to be irresistible! 

With Experience.com’s Search Rank Platform – world’s first professional search optimization platform – you can now turn the chaos of SEO into a game – and WIN!

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